Do We Essentially Need Employee Recognition Program in Our Organization?

To survive and grow in a competitive era, companies are looking for various ways to be more productive year-after-year, and employee recognition is an efficient way to achieve that target. Modern companies are spending between 1 to 2% of payroll on employee recognition program. Staff incentives and employee recognition are crossing $50 billion marks in the global market.

Here, we must keep in mind that employee appreciation is a different term from employee recognition.

What is the Employee Recognition Program?

If we look at the definition of recognition, it is for public acknowledgment of the achievements of employees participate or belong to a category. Appreciation could be private or moderately public.

Therefore, an employee recognition program essentially needs the arrangement of an event and broadcast of purposes prior to it held. Groups of people belong to organization or outside might be invited in the program and media reporting is a possibility.

Why Is It a Better Choice?

Thus, awards, trophies, medals, plaques, and now gifts are appropriate ways to recognize winners in a public event. Recipients can take pride in whatever they receive for their achievements. Family and friends can see it and talk about it. Media can report it to bring the event on notice of the public in real life.

In the case of appreciation or incentives like increments, bonuses, money cheque, and various allowances including vacation, travel, a dinner/supper, or a night in a five star hotels, chances are less to acknowledge others or take pride of it for a long period, as you can do with awards and trophies.

How Advantageous Employee Recognition Program for a Company?

Does your organization strive for individual productivity?

You can bring desired behavior in your employees by setting your mission with key performance indicators and declare your awards or trophies accordingly.

Do you want to prioritize employee satisfaction and a delightful ambiance for work?

Set your trophy goals accordingly and improve it.

Do you wish to encourage collaboration and teamwork in your company?

Announce awards for the best teamwork and collaboration.

Are you looking for increased sales and customer satisfaction?

Present special trophies for sales and customer satisfaction by setting goals and metrics.

Do you expect low employee turnover and high retention rate?

Declare awards, medals, and plaques for loyal employees who are retaining for a longer period. Declare trophies or certificates for the best employee of month or year and increase retention.

Employee Award Ideas for Recognition Program in 2019

In the corporate world, a variety of ideas are implementing for employee recognition programs. The following categories of rewards are mostly prevailing in the corporate world in Australia and across the globe.

Employee Recognition Trophies

In simple words, we can say it as corporate achievement trophies. You will find employee recognition trophies in a variety of materials, such as metals, crystals, acrylic, wood, resin, and marble.


Employee Recognition Awards

Today, corporate awards are available in a variety of designs, materials, styles, shapes, sizes, and prices. For instance, crystal awards, glass awards, and acrylic awards with a degree of transparency. Metal awards, resin awards, and awards made up of wood and precious stones come with unique ideas. Embedded products, 3D logo and promotional images, as well as abstract design to fascinate your imaginations,  are trends in the corporate world to celebrate recognition programs.


Employee Recognition Medals & Ribbons

Medals, medallions, and ribbons are ways to recognize employees for different achievements. Medals also offer flexibility to recognize team and winner in a hierarchy like 1st to 3rd runner up.


Employee Recognition Plaques

Plaques are an excellent way to make a presentation of the achievements of employees in recognition award programs. Plaques used to come with a wooden backboard and metallic front plates made from gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel. Some plaques come in acrylic like transparent material with 3D internal engraving in the mass.

Plaques can be placed on desktops in the offices or cupboards in the homes of the winners. Thus, it becomes a matter of pride and gives a constant reminder of the achievement without uttering a word for it!


Employee Recognition Cups

Metallic presentation cups are trendy in the corporate award market for high-end achievements or use as perpetual awards for the team or managers by engraving their names in the list each year. Similarly, prestige presentation cups made from more expensive material & design than presentation cups.

Who Will Be Your Employee Recognition Program Award Supplier In Australia?

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