Large Lawn Bowls Trophy


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Large Lawn Bowls Trophy

Height: 200mm


If engraving is required please email presentations@olympia.com.au with details including Logos or crests to obtain an accurate quote.

This trophy fits a 1" acrylic button.

Figures, buttons & emblems on the trophies can be changed for most sports.

For more selection go to General Trophies where you can select a trophy which can have the emblem changed for your sport or category.

Special price consideration is given to large quantities.

Other styles and colours of trophies and awards are available in our showroom.

Lawn bowls is played on a grass surface that rises to a crown in the centre. Singles games are played between two players, who each have two bowls. Games of lawn bowls are played as singles where there are 2 players, pairs where there are 2 players on each team, triples where there are 3 players on each team and fours where there are 4 players on each team. The green is not divided into rinks, and ends start from near where the jack was last positioned. A player scores one point for each bow nearer the jack than his opponent’s best bowl, and a game usually lasts until one player scores 21 points. The players toss to decide who bowls first. The winner of the toss or the previous end, is the leader. Lawn Bowls is played by young and old alike. Years ago it was regarded as an older persons recreational sport now players of all ages enjoy the challenge of a game of Lawn bowls!


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