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Wrap Series Basketball Stand Resin Trophy


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Price From: Excl. Tax: $13.18 Incl. Tax: $14.50

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Large Wrap Series Basketball Stand Resin Trophy

Height: 190mm


If engraving is required please email [email protected] with details including Logos or crests to obtain an accurate quote.

This trophy fits a 1" acrylic button.

Figures, buttons & emblems on the trophies can be changed for most sports.

For more selection go to General Trophies where you can select a trophy which can have the emblem changed for your sport or category.

Special price consideration is given to large quantities.

Other styles and colours of trophies and awards are available in our showroom.

Basketball is a fast, exciting game played by two teams of five players, who may pass, throw, roll, bat or dribble the ball. The object of the game of basketball is to score points by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s basket. The court must have a hard surface with the ceiling at least 7m high with no obstruction that would hinder the basketball players from throwing for a goal. A goal is scored when a live ball enters a basket from above and stays in or passes through. Goals from the field count two points, from free throws one point. A player has control if holding or dribbling a live ball. Height is an advantage when playing basketball. A team is in control if one of its members has control or the ball is being passed between them. Team control ends with a goal, a dead ball, or loss of possession to the opponents. Basketball is an exciting sport and with enthusiastic players is stimulating to watch.


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